EXCERPT from  Michelle Goodall, Magnificent Obsession by Lucina Sarber in VIVAcini! 19 Oct 2012

Michelle Goodall’s
remarkable photography,
one concludes
that this can
only be the product
of a person with an
amazing dream life.
From mysterious,
diaphanous orbs to feline femme fatales,
to snarling dragons to delicate dancing
dolls with dresses covered in carrots,
there is only one conclusion: wow,
how did she do that!?”
Encountering Michelle herself is another
surprise. I expected a self-impressed
member of the intelligentsia, a grad
school grad with lots of pretense; instead
I found a delightful down-to-earth,
and humble woman who is completely
shocked that people are in awe of her
work. Her responses repeatedly caught
me by surprise, like when she reveals that
she’s . . .

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