EXCERPT from KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger in VIVAcini! 19 Oct 2012

Dear Kat,
I have a hard time dealing with people who are not like me. I
don’t want to say that I am a racist but I am beginning to think
just that. I see Mexicans and think ugly thoughts without even
knowing them, the same with various other races. I can’t help
but feel superior to them. I’m having a really hard time fi ghting
back anger about this, what do you suggest?
“Not Equal”

Dear “Not Equal,”
I really appreciate your honesty! I am unclear
as to what you want me to suggest: do you want
help with anger management or for your fear of
being a racist. But actually, since I feel your overall
anger would be resolved with a little perspective
on other races, I will talk about that.
Not many people are so honest and openly
aware that they feel this way about different people.
The fact that you are and that you worry about
whether or not you’re a racist means that you have
the right frame of mind NOT to be!

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