EXCERPT from “Are You Classy?”  by Helene Kobelnyk in VIVAcini! 19 Oct 2012

What kind of image does your mind conjure up when you hear the expression,
“Wow, she (or he) has a lot of class!”
Our world today seems to revolve around crass notoriety, vulgarity and
hedonism. It seems the more bizarre and harmful the behavior the more it
is publicized, admired and unfortunately, emulated. Becoming “famous”
has become a life’s ambition for many and more often than not, these
folks are really just “infamous.”
We’ve become a society driven by narcissism, instant gratifi cation
and euphoria—by any means necessary. Which is perhaps why
the term “class” is slowly disappearing from our vocabulary as in
“someone with class.” It’s often difficult to pinpoint and while it
eludes concrete definition, it is unmistakable and unforgettable
when encountered.

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