EXCERPT from Jimmy Goodwin –Back from the Edge  by Lucina Sarber  in VIVAcini! 26 Oct 2012

Ruidoso entrepreneur
Jimmy Goodwin loves life.
He’s certainly had a great life
going back to his beginnings
in Earth, Texas, which he
declares, “is on the other
side of Muleshoe” with that
charming accent of his. In
fact, his childhood sounds
downright Mayberry: “I
grew up on a farm, we grew cotton, corn and grain.
“Heck, I was driving a tractor by age nine—my
peers and I drove to driver’s ed! The cops would
look the other way so long as we didn’t cause problems
but we’d been driving for years!”
Jimmy laughs as he remembers, “My friends
loved coming over to our farm because we had
barns, chicken houses and all sorts of places to explore
and play in. I’d always say to them: ‘I love
work. I could watch it for hours.’
“When I got to high school, I played trombone
in the school band. The entire student population
was only 200, and at any given time, 96 of us either
marched in band or played on the football field.
Year after year we won sweepstakes.”
After high school, Jimmy headed for Texas Tech,
graduating as an electrical engineer. He met Janet,
his wife of 35 years in the singles group at Second
Baptist Church in Lubbock.

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