EXCERPT from Trick or Treat! by Dennis Dunnum in VIVAcini! 26 Oct 2012

Too often modern religions spend an
enormous amount of energy trying to
debunk different versions of spirituality,
to their detriment. Virtually all religions
of the world have “eternal
truths” within them that are merged
into the newer faiths as something
“new” and “different” but essentially,
they have the same core beliefs.

Halloween is one of those
holidays with roots dating
to pagan times that have
been redefined, tweaked
and recycled through the ages.
Originally, as well as in today’s
resurgent Wiccan culture, it was
the equivalent of New Year’s Eve.
‘Wicca’ is the origin of the word
‘witch’ and actually, both words
come from the same source: ‘wicker,’ meaning ‘to bend.’
“Witches,” in their time, (and even today, embodied
in the Hispanic “brujas” or the doctors and “shamans”
of many indigenous African and Native-American tribes)
were kind, well-respected people, primarily women, but
not always. They had a good working knowledge of herbs
and other, natural, healing ways.

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