EXCERPT from KAT ATTACK by Katherine Umberger  in VIVAcini! 26 Oct 2012

Dear Kat,
I’ve heard some very disturbing statistics about eating
disorders lately. I was horrified that so many people are
affected by this and was wondering if you could give some
advice on how to deal with these issues if you are one of
these unfortunate souls.

Dear “Appalled,”
It is sad that mental illness is the number one
malady affecting our society. Anorexia, bulimia
and over-eating (or “binge” eating) are all disorders
that are classified as a “mental disorder.”
In the United States alone there are an estimated
10 million American women who suffer from
some sort of eating disorder and another two million
men who are affected. That’s about 10-15 percent
of the American population.
Anorexia is when someone keeps their weight
at 85 percent or less of what is expected for their
age and height. Those with anorexia have an intense
fear of gaining weight or becoming fat in
spite of being underweight.
Binge eating is eating an amount of food that
is considerably more than what most people
would eat in a given period of time, while experiencing
a sense of loss of control—feeling that one
cannot stop or control how much is eaten.
Bulimia is binge-eating followed by compensatory
behavior such as self-induced vomiting,
misuse of laxatives, diuretics or excessive
exercise. All of these disorders obsess on weight
and body image and ultimately have an unhealthy
influence on a person’s self-perception.
Most people who suffer from an eating disorder
are between the ages of 12-25 and it affects BOTH
men and women.

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