Photo copyright Helene Kobelnyk 2012.  All rights reserved

EXCERPT from Michael McGarrity’s “HARD COUNTRY” by Helene Kobelnyk in VIVAcini! 02 November 2012

Some months ago, I drove up to Santa Fe to interview
a New York Times best-selling author, as he
was about to kick off the book-signing tour for his
new novel. I had just fi nished reading his novel,
Hard Country, and found myself wondering what
kind of person could create some of the despicable
characters encountered in this book.
Michael McGarrity sauntered into the café for
our interview much like a character in his western
epic. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, impeccably tailored
jeans and comfortably well-worn cowboy boots,
the soft spoken author was eager to talk about
any of the compelling characters in his new novel,
more so than about himself.
Fans of McGarrity’s work will quickly recognize
the Kearney name in this new tome. “A good dozen
years ago when I started developing Kevin Kearney,
the main character in Tularosa, I had already imagined
him coming from a ranching family in Tularosa—
so I visualized how his family’s history must
have played out.”

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