EXCERPT from MISHA MALPICA – The Gift by Lucina Sarber in VIVAcini! 02 November 2012

The year before she moved
to Ruidoso, Misha Malpica
was invited by the Clinton
White House to decorate the
nation’s Christmas tree with
her unique sculptures. Another
commission immediately
followed to create several
pieces for the White
House and today her work
remains in the Permanent Collection of American
Artists in Washington, D.C.
By the time the White House discovered her in
1995, Misha had already built a successful homebased-
business creating Christmas ornaments and
Santa Clauses from nylon stockings, stuffi ng, and
polymer clay.
As a young mother of three children, living in
New Hampshire, she wanted an outlet for her incredible
creativity plus fi nd a way to help supplement
her husband’s income. Her husband, Tony,
was employed at the municipal water plant—they
had a comfortable life, but Misha was driven.

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