EXCERPT from Warren: More Stories from “the Plague by Dennis Dunnum in VIVAcini! 02 November 2012

From 1984 through 1991, it
seemed my life was inundated
with pain, death, anger,
and, oft en, hatred and bitterness—
those were the years I
was working to save lives or
lesson the pain and suff ering
of people aff ected by HIV/
As I mentioned in an earlier
article, I stopped counting in 1989 aft er 300 of
my friends and clients died. But, as horrifi c as my
emotional life was during those years, I would not
trade the experience for anything.
I met one of my most memorable clients at the
VA hospital in June 1985 just a few hours aft er doctors
told him he had AIDS. I had no idea how much
time we were going to be spending together in the
next 9 months or how much I would learn from him.
In his late 30s, Warren was a dog groomer by profession
and was the most shy and retiring guy I’d
ever met!

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