EXCERPT from “Fun & Games” – Teachable Moments for You and Your Dog!  by Dr. JC “Kay” Neine in VIVAcini! 02 November 2012

Before I started private clinical sessions with “wayward”
dogs and their humans, I taught group classes
for training a well-mannered dog in public.
It always amazed me that no matter how well the
dog/handler teams did under my watchful eye, as
soon as class was over and they headed back to
their cars, all the training seemed to unravel as they
talked busily among themselves completely ignoring
the antics of their dogs—just what they were
there to learn!
It never occurred to them that they had to continue
to monitor their dogs while engaged in doing
something else. Part of the problem is that some
owners are simply unable to divide or shift their
focus between two activities, and realize that yes, it
is pos-sible to “divide” your focus. Moms of active
little toddlers do it all the time.

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