EXCERPT from  JORDAN TORRES Dreams Fulfilled  by Lucina Sarber  in VIVAcini! 09 November 2012

Sculptor and artist Jordan
Torres, a Chiricahua Apache
born and raised on the Mescalero
Apache reservation here
in New Mexico, is a direct descendant
of Cochise and his
son Naiche.
Cochise is venerated, along
with Geronimo and Mangas Coloradas, as a fi erce
warrior chief who fought in defense of his homeland
against the growing American presence—these
men were single-minded and driven. It appears Cochise’s
descendant is also on a mission.
Jordan, who works in bronze and stone, began
sculpting in 1990 but he was already a young
father—over the years, in order to support his wife,
Annette, and his three children, he worked in the
maintenance department at the Inn of the Mountain
Gods, the Apache-owned resort that sits on
Mescalero Apache tribal lands.
His mission is to honor and fulfill Annette’s
wishes. After 28 years of “being married to my
best friend, partner and biggest fan,” Jordan lost
her to cancer in the fall of 2011. Rather than grieve
ad infi nitum, Jordan has set out to do as Annette
asked. “It was always her dream that I concentrate
on my art full-time, so aft er nearly 30 years there,
I quit my job at the Inn this last July.”

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