EXCERPT from  A BOY KIDNAPPED BY INDIANS  by Jack Shuster  in VIVAcini! 09 November 2012

“I was born at Manzano,
Valencia County, New Mexico,
on September 17, 1854,”
Francisco Gomez told Edith
Crawford. “My father was
Guadalupe Gomez and my
mother was Susanita Serna.
My father worked for a man
named Jose Sais at Manzano as foreman of his
sheep ranch.”
In those days children helped with the household
chores. “Once when I was about seven years
old my father sent me out to find the oxen and
drive them to the house,” Francisco recalled. “It
was rather early in the morning. I had made me a
little fiddle out of a cigar box and I was going along
playing it when an Indian stepped from behind a
bush and snatched me up.
“I was very scared and cried and the Indian slapped
his hand over my mouth. He carried me under
his arm for about half a mile and then he came
up to five more Indians. Then one put me on the
ground and told me to walk fast.”

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