EXCERPT from  Evolution  by Helene Kobelnyk  in VIVAcini! 09 November 2012

If you have been part of our readership from the fi rst issue of Vivacini
in July of this year, you may have noticed that we have grown from a 12-
page publication to an almost 40-page, visually compelling magazine
full of intelligent content that rivals many of the national and international
monthly publications.
In a mere four months, our readership has grown 350% and our
number of contributors has doubled. We now have writers, artists
and photographers asking to be featured within our pages.
Vivacini is being read in all the English-speaking countries of the
world and certainly they now know about Ruidoso, New Mexico,
and the many unique and colorful creatives, characters and celebrities
who live and work in Lincoln County—talk about boosting
Our website, www.vivacini.com, which hosts the magazine,
has now exceeded the 10,000 mark in visits—actual magazine
hits per Google analytics are over 50,000. Our weekly Facebook
reach is 200,000 with the ‘friends of fan’ potential of 1,035,600—
extraordinary growth for a four-month old magazine.

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