ESSENTIAL  OILS:   Ancient Medicine – More Precious than Gold by Susanna Jade Angolani

Published in the November 9th issue of Vivacini!  To experience a “real magazine”,  read the article in the flipping book version here:  Vivacini! 09 November 2012.

I attended a remarkable presentation by Diania DeCant, a health care practitioner with more than 25 years experience—11 spent as a nurse on a surgical floor at a major hospital in Albuquerque. She followed that with nine years spent doing medical research and consulting for a big law firm in Albuquerque. Diania shared the remarkable story of how she was introduced to “Young Living Essential Oils” in 2004 and how she integrated them into her practice and personal life.

Her presentation called “Dr. Mom,” showed us how she discovered the oils and uses them in the home to treat burns,cuts, headaches, colds, flu, toothaches, insomnia, allergies, muscle aches andpains. She also revealed how these oils could
protect against cancer by building up our immune systems.

The presentation involved her grandson who was born having suffered a stroke in the womb during childbirth. The family was devastated when they realized this infant would probably never have a normal life.  Almost 70 percent of his brain was damaged,  he had no control over his body, and the doctors claimed that after the age of two, brain damage would be irreversible.

For a year they pursued conventional treatments with prescription drugs, multiple surgeries and physical therapy—but nothing improved his cognition, he was like a tiny rag doll that flopped around in your arms, unable to look at his mother or control his body movements.

Then Diania heard about essential oils and attended a lecture. The lecturer encouraged her to learn to use the oils on her grandson. Essential oils, known as “nature’s living energy,” are aromatic, volatile liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.

Desperate for any solution, Diania began using a combination of these on the bottom of the infant’s feet. She says that after only a week she began to feel the boy’s muscles flexing and tightening and his eyes seemed to focus and look into hers.

After another week she definitely felt her grandson becoming stronger and responding through his eyes. Her daughter also acknowledged the improvements.  It was a veritable miracle!  Western-trained doctors gave no hope for this
child to ever recover from his stroke—but the Essential Oils brought him back, reviving his nervous system, stimulating his brain cells and ultimately providing near complete restoration of his damaged left hemisphere. He is six years old now and one of the best students in school.  Little wonder Diania became a crusader for Young Living Essential Oils and their tremendous benefit in treating so many diseases.

Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils researches these plants and has developed a very pure strain of all of these oils:
Twelve Single Oils include:
Aloe/sandalwood (Santalum album), Cassia (Cinnamomum
cassia), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica),
Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Frankincense
(Olibanum – Boswellia carteri), Galbanum (Ferula
gummosa), Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), Myrrh
(Commiphora myrrha), Myrtle (Myrtus communis),
Onycha (Styrax benzoin), Rose of Sharon/
Cistus (Labdanum Cistus ladanifer), and
Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi).

All of these were used in biblical times and were considered more precious than gold for they were priceless medicines treating skin disorders, viral infections, depression and in modern times, even cancer.


The Bible references aromatics, incense and ointments more than 200 times—they were used to anoint the blessed and heal the sick. Upon Jesus’ birth the three wise men presented him with gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh.  Diania went on to describe the various oils that are most commonly used such as Thieves Oil. Thieves Oil is a proprietary blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

“Research conducted at Weber State University
in cooperation with D. Gary Young . . . indicates
that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in
the presence of many essential oils, especially those
high in phenols, carcacrol, thymol, and terpenes.
This perhaps, offers a modern explanation of why
the Old Testament prophet Moses used aromatic
substances to protect the Israelites from the plagues
that decimated ancient Egypt.
“It may also help us understand why a notorious
group of thieves, reputed to be spice traders and
perfumers, was protected from the Black Plague as
they robbed the bodies of the dead during the 15th
century.” (Essential Oils Desk Reference 4th edition
by Essential Science Publishing, p.6)

A fascinating story—the thieves rubbed this concoction of aromatic herbs on their hands, ears and temples and managed to escape contracting the infamous Bubonic Plague.  Thieves Oil has proved to be very effective combating airborne bacteria then and now. It kills germs and boosts the immune system, protecting us during cold and flu season.

It’s a rough world we live in today. The germs, bacteria and respiratory viruses that surround us have never been stronger or more antibiotic-resistant.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep your body on alert against attacks to your immune system.  Whether you’re trying to battle the “bug” at the office or warding off household germs, the arsenal of natural Thieves-enhanced products delivers positive antiseptic benefits to cleanse, calm and sooth
you—body and soul.

Thieves essential oil blend is perfect for personal use, but powerful enough for hospitals, hospices, hotels, schools and industrial safety applications.

“When our water heater started to smell, instead of using bleach to clean it, we put ten drops of Thieves® and ten drops of Purification® essential oil blend into the flushed water heater.  Not only was the smell gone,but every time we took a shower for weeks to come we smelled the wonderful aroma of Thieves and Purificationin the water.” – Jessica Drollette in “Young Living” e-News Oct. 5, 2009

“I always put one drop of Thieves® essential oil blend on my toothbrush after I brush. It keeps the germs at bay, enhances the flavor of my Thieves toothpaste, and gives my mouth a kick every time I brush” – Jeanne Corrin in “Young Living” e-News June 23, 2009


“Thieves is so important! I use all the Thieves products and keep Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier in my purse. These are the products that I personally have around all the time—they just fit every need. Plus, I teach about non-toxic home and personal care products, so they are fun products to sell too.”- Joan Apter in “Essential Lifestyle” magazine, Vol. 3, No. 3


“From Thieves® essential oil blend and Thieves Household Cleaner . . . we never worry about exposing them to harmful chemicals because of Young Living’s Thieves line. We even send our daughter to school with Thieves Wipes, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, and Thieves lozenges. Her teachers and classmates love them too . . . we live close to the water
so mold is always an issue. We once found mold in our closet on our clothes and belts. Yuck! Normally, we would just throw everything away. Instead we sprayed everything with Thieves and the mold has never come back.” – Jihan Thomas in “Essential Lifestyle” magazine, Vol. 3, No. 2


“After some heavy rain, we got mold and mildew in our carpet, causing the room to smell horrible. I put a few drops of Thieves® oil in a spray bottle with water and sprayed the carpets and the air in the effected room. Almost instantly the smell dissipated and never returned.” – Melissa Giaquinto in “Young Living” e-News Sept. 30, 2005

Susanna Jade Angolani grew up in California, in the ’50s. At age 20 she set off to see the world beginning
in Italy, then headed to India riding trains and buses through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and
Pakistan. She’s an artist, musician and writer and has resided in Alto, NM. since 2000.