As you have hopefully discovered, Vivacini works flawlessly on the iPAD and other tablets and mobile devices –the pages actually turn/flip rather than simply slide.

Because the magazine “lives” on, we post only excerpts from all the features on the blog and then direct you to the magazine in booklet form.  Vivacini! is such a beautiful publication, we would prefer that you experience it in its best format . . . a digital magazine with pages that actually turn and in vivid color!


You may have noticed that recently we have begun posting some of our features as full length blog posts instead of just excerpts.  This is because we have just made the blog available as a Kindle publication subscription.  We believe strongly in Vivacini’s  mission of  intelligent optimism,  provide strong content to support this and offer this addition for dedicated Kindle users who would prefer to read the content in blog style. The blog is updated on a daily basis.

To find Vivacini on Kindle, enter “vivacini kindle” in the search box below.