EXCERPT from  IMAGINE A NEW “FAT FRIDAY”  by Dennis Dunnum

Published in the November 23rd issue of Vivacini!  To experience a “real magazine”,  read the article in the flipping book version here:  Vivacini! 23  November 2012.

Ah, the Friday after Thanksgiving. If ever there was a day
when just laying around should be institutionalized it should
be today. I fi nd it pretty weird that so

It can’t be real healthy, either. I mean all that food
we ate yesterday, that’s going to take at least another
day to digest. How about a little exercise – take
the dog for a walk or bounce your kids around
but don’t go shopping. That’s going to put you in
a totally funky frame of mind.
Instead, take at least an hour, find a nice comfy
place to curl up or stretch out on, someplace quiet,
and spend that hour imagining what you would
like to have your life look like by next Thanksgiving
or, better yet, imagine the best possible world
that you would ever want to see become manifest.
If anyone complains that you’re just “loafing around,”
tell them you are busy creating tomorrow.
You see, yesterday I watched a three-minute talk,
although ‘talk’ doesn’t begin to describe it—“half
hour lecture” is more like it. And I thought I talked
fast!! This guy, Jason Silva—a really smart young
Venzuelan-American, (I wonder when we’ll drop
all these hyphenated words and just call ourselves
“Americans”) anyway, as I was saying . . . in this
video, Jason talked about how we came upon our
technologically-driven world.

Read the rest of Dennis article in  Vivacini! 23  November 2012