EXCERPT from Healthy Irreverence & Happy New Year! by Helene Kobelnyk

Published in the December 1st  issue of Vivacini!  To experience a “real magazine”,  read the article in the flipping book version here:  Vivacini! 01 December 2012.

We’re rapidly approaching the end of one year, and getting ready to launch a
new one . . . this is our time to examine the old and make promises for the new.
Th e last few months have been a whirlwind for us as a nation, as well as for me
on a personal level. Th e media, predictably will recap the highlights of 2012 ad
nauseum and each network will spin identical events. What is most outrageous
to me are the oxymoronic absurdities that dominated the airwaves —

For more reverence (and unedited “irreverance”) read the rest of the magazine article, here: www.helenekobelnyk.net