As publisher I want to thank both Greg and Lucina of Creative Partners for being on this leg of the journey with me.  It’s been a fun and extraordinary learning experience for all of us.   I will forever admire Greg’s superb talent in graphic design and Lucina’s gift of writing and editing, and I am grateful to them and to all the columnists for their wonderful contributions to Vivacini.

Life always presents us with challenges whether we want them or not,  and sometimes crossroads seem to appear out of the blue where decisions have to be made  . . . forward or backward, left or right.   Creative differences have brought us to such a crossroad, so as of January 1, 2013,  Vivacini is no longer associated with Creative Partners.

I know you will join me in wishing Lucina and Greg well on their own journey, and in their enterprise, www.creativepartnersnm.com

Vivacini will continue in February, perhaps not so grandiose, but with a different format and flavor.

Here’s to good fortune and new beginnings for all of us.