EXCERPT  from Pareidolia by Georgene Inks in Vivacini  01 January 2013

Do you see images in clouds like faces or animals? Have you ever looked at an object and seen it looking back at you?  If so you have experienced “pareidolia.”  

According to Wikipedia it is “a psychological phenomenon involving a vague or random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant.”

Wikipedia goes on to explain that common
examples of pareidolia are images ascribed to
the “face on Mars,” “ the Man in the Moon,” “the
Moon Rabbit,” and even hearing hidden messages
on records when played in reverse.

My husband and I remember the international
sensation caused when folks played the Beatle’s
“Revolution #9” backwards—everyone claimed
they could hear: “Paul is dead.” So even sounds
can be mistaken for something else.

Apparently pareidolia is not a surprising phenomenon.
Wikipedia explains that the brain is a
facial recognition, storage, and recall machine
connected to survival and humanity’s evolutionary

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