Escape to the Extraordinary by Helene Kobelnyk in  Vivacini  04 February 2013

Like most things in life, it’s often easier to know what you don’t want rather than what you do. After all, isn’t this how dreams are refined, sculpted and brought to fruition? If it’s important enough to dream, then it’s certainly worthy of being “built.” So it is in this spirit of not giving up on a dream that today’s Vivacini is being “reborn.”

I am hoping that within the pages of this and future issues you find a little joy and entertainment that will give you a chance to relax or laugh. . . to reminisce or embark on a new adventure.

My life philosophy is that this world of ours is quite extraordinary. Being “intelligently optimistic” means acknowledging the existence of daily miracles and the potential for the extraordinary . . . we can all rise to a “higher self” without resorting to the useless extremes of blind faith or senseless dissection. Happiness and love are states of being, not just episodic experiences, and this is the flavor and vision I want for Vivacini.

Vivacini stories are near and dear to my heart, and I would bet that if they pull at my heartstrings, they’ll do the same for you and maybe help you see things from a different perspective. You’ll also find some helpful tips for making technology work for you instead of creating more havoc, “out of the mainstream” recipes and artwork, some humor peppered with a little bit of irreverence, a balance of the newly-discovered and futuristic with the classic and almost forgotten, and much more that I hope will bring a smile to your face.

Most of the work (written and visual) is and will be mine, not because I’m too arrogant to include others, but because I’m very conscientious about appropriate use of the intellectual property of others.

Besides that, I have over 50,000 photos that need a job!

Guest authors whose work fits into the month’s theme, will have clear and visible attribution, with active links to their blogs or websites. Calls for entry will be issued over social media and via the subscription list.

So, dear readers, with open arms, I welcome you to the universe of Vivacini, where you can see life and the world through my eyes (and my lens), and hopefully find some time to escape to the extraordinary!