EXCERPT from  The Incredible Journey of Heidi “Plume”  by Helene Kobelnyk in  Vivacini  04 February 2013

Spring is a long time coming to the mountains of central New Mexico. The lingering sunshine of the slightly longer days in February can be deceptive when nighttime temperatures still drop to below freezing and winter’s last blow often brings a mixture of freezing rain and snow. For some unfortunate souls, though, the trauma of living in a place devoid of love and compassion is even more bone-chilling and devastating than the night air of a late winter.

If Heidi could “talk” she would tell you what it feels like to be unwanted. With her deep, liquid brown eyes, she could look into yours and ask, “I don’t know what I did wrong. Why didn’t they love me?”

Discarded along with a “leftover” pup from the first litter while expecting her next, she found herself roaming the frost covered meadows and having to fend for herself in the unwelcome darkness of strange places while facing an uncertain and dismal future. With her whelping time drawing near, Heidi followed her instincts and found a secluded place for her and her first pup, as well as the newborns now on their way. She knew that the survival of her newly arrived charges would depend on her ability to keep them warm and fed, which meant that somewhere she needed to find enough food and water to nurse the eight little pups.

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