When I first launched Vivacini in July of 2012, I looked for a food expert . . . someone who could come up with interesting recipes and photographs .  But, alas, to no avail, so it fell on my shoulders.  What’s a lifestyle magazine without a food section?  The rest of the story can be read in February’s Vivacini . . . hopefully it will inspire you to get as adventurous in the kitchen as I have!

EXCERPT from A Word about the Culinary “Art” by Helene Kobelnyk in Vivacini  04 February 2013

My relationship with cooking has not always been amicable or even stable, for that matter — from setting the kitchen on fire, to repeatedly ending up with cakes so “solid” they could be used as weapons. And yet, my shelves are lined with beautiful cookbooks and my mind fills with visions of perfect dishes I could create easily, instead of literally using every dish, pot, pan and utensil in the house –a pretty amazing feat in itself.

I remember watching my mom in the kitchen. I’d have paper and pencil in hand and ask, “how much flour?” Her response, “Oh, about this much.” She didn’t measure . . . she just “knew.” I, on the other hand, measured everything precisely and never digressed from the ingredients — until now, that is.

Today, in my “wise years,” I realized that what my mother was trying to teach me was that a recipe is only a guideline . . . a realization I came to with the help of a best friend.  “Real cooking” means adapting the recipe to suit your taste and your feelings.

Since I returned to the kitchen, I find myself eating better and healthier, so much so that, I no longer enjoy going out to eat and certainly no longer have cravings for any “fast food.”  Many of my recipes hail back to my childhood . . . those comfort foods and favorite dishes from word of mouth “recipes” handed down through generations, sometimes modified for the famine and WWII years in the “Old Country”,  none recorded and at risk of disappearing forever.

A meal always tastes better when it’s prepared with love. . . that’s why we all remember our mom’s (or in some cases, dad’s) cooking.  It’s also why some grown men in Italy return home to live with their mothers.

Like most people, including today’s working (at home or other career) moms,  I have many other things I want to be doing so I don’t want to spend hours over a hot stove.  You’ll find that if you follow many of the recipes and suggestions I publish in Vivacini, add your own touch and flavor to them,  your dishes will turn out to be yummy, and can also be easily and quickly made from scratch with healthy ingredients.

I’m certainly a far cry from Julia Child or Rachael Ray . . . my motto should be, “If I can cook it, so can you!”  Most importantly, I’m taking the time to be creative and having fun doing it.  I wish you the same in your “culinary adventures,” and as Julia Child would say, “Bon Appetit!”


“Life is an adventure, or nothing.

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