EXCERPT from Unnecessary  Dilemmas by Helene Kobelnyk in Vivacini  04 February 2013

Remember the first personal computers? . . . bulky single units with monochrome 7-inch screens? To say we’ve come a long way would be an understatement.

In today’s world of personal computers, consumers have only two choices in operating systems . . . Microsoft Windows or Apple OS, and battle between fans of each is pretty fierce, when in actuality, there’s merit to both systems and we can really have the best of both worlds.

I was a staunch Apple user and fan for 20+ years, and then went to the PC when Apple began to put all their focus into “gadgetry” like ipods and iphones, and seemed to have turned their back on the personal computer. But it’s this “gadgetry” that propelled Apple to the top of the tech heap . . . that and some strategic marketing.

Unlike Microsoft, with Apple it’s no longer an “either/or” choice in operating systems. For example, you can have a Windows operating system alongside OSX on the same machine . . . rebooting is obviously required.

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