EXCERPT from A Surprise Bag of Treasures by Helene Kobelnyk in Vivacini  06 March 2013

I’ve  always had a penchant for mixing things. When I was five years old and my brother a little toddler, we found a can of house paint while we were exploring our backyard. I was fascinated with the texture and flow of the liquid as I had watched my parents paint the house. So I worked very hard at getting that paint can open.

My mother, who had apparently been watching through the kitchen window, interrupted my diligence, put the can back in its place, and I’m sure told me to leave it alone, but it didn’t register. As soon as she went back in the house, we went back for the paint, but this time, hid behind the shed covering the root cellar and safely out of her view, or so I thought.

As I returned to the task of prying the can open, I was very surprised to see my mother’s feet beside me as I knelt on the ground. Looking up at her face, I remember thinking how big she was, like one of those giant Redwood trees, and what a magician she was with x-ray vision and the ability to fly.

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