EXCERPT from Building a “Fountain of Youth”  by Helene Kobelnyk in Vivacini  06 March 2013

The pursuit of everlasting youth and beauty is big business today. Cosmetic firms try to justify the outrageous prices of their “age-defying, miracle” products with catchy scientific terms such as proprietary blend and molecular weight. I have to admit that I fell for their clever advertising on more than one occasion and bought some of those age-defying formulas at $150 per jar!

I realized very quickly that whether the bottle cost $50 or $500, the improvement was minimal. The consultants will be quick to tell you that you need to keep using the product and that over time, you’ll see a difference. Admittedly, the cream or lotion felt nice, but as for turning back the clock, it was a big “fail.”
Look at the list of ingredients on the labels of various popular and costly cosmetic products. They are listed in order of amount. Usually water is first, the highest percentage of the content, and interestingly enough, the most potent and most expensive ingredients are toward the end of the list.

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