EXCERPT from A Timeless Tradition by Helene Kobelnyk in Vivacini  06 March 2013

Each winter, I set aside a special time to practice a Ukrainian art form and continue a tradition from my childhood.

Pysanky are Ukrainian eggs decorated by a wax-resist dye method. The process begins with a clean white or light brown raw egg. The part which is to remain white (or light brown) is covered with melted beeswax using a kistka, which is a wooden stick with a copper cone attached at one end. The cone is heated over a candle and as the wax melts, it drips or flows through a hole in the cone.

Once the white design is complete and the wax has hardened, the egg is dipped in the first color, usually yellow, and the process is repeated. The part of the design that is to stay yellow is drawn with beeswax and the egg is dipped in the next color. When the design is complete, most of the egg is covered in wax, which is then melted by gently warming the egg by the heat of a candle.


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