EXCERPT from Using an “Elephant” to Stay Organized by Helene Kobelnyk in Vivacini  06 March 2013

In the pre-internet days, we used encyclopedias to do our research. Remember those beautiful hard-bound (and heavy!) volumes? I spent many a night in my high school days with several of them spread open over the kitchen table to complete a research paper most likely in the eleventh hour.

Today, the internet search engines (Google, Bing, etc) are the preferred mode for research or investigation.
Articles are full of links for further discovery and we don’t have to leave the desk to hunt for another periodical or journal.

One of my biggest “irritations” when working on the net is bookmarking. I find an article
and follow other hyperlinks for more relevant information
but don’t want to lose my place on the original site, so I bookmark it.

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