Dear Readers and Friends,

I apologize for not having been able to publish an April issue of Vivacini . . . I had a friend in crisis and it has taken every ounce of my emotional and physical strength.  This unexpected but necessary hiatus has given me time to reflect on many things in my life and has certainly given me plenty of raw material for my writing and photography . . . too much to include in one issue or in this letter, so look for my musings on www.helenekobelnyk.net and on the magazine site www.vivacini.com under the category, From the Publisher.

The June issue is already percolating and July will mark the first year anniversary of Vivacini!  Here are some stories and features that will be coming your way:

  • the “medicine woman” of the animal world
  • exploring the spiritual connection between us and our horses
  • more recipes from my Old World Simplicity series include a “torte” layered with a buttercream fit for gods and goddesses!
  • the  “evolved” wedding photographer and how brides can get the photos they want without spending a small fortune.
  • the “ins” and “outs” of High Dynamic Range Imaging . . . you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take advantage of this versatile post-processing technique.
  • reincarnation . . . do our pet friends come back to us?
  • a glimpse of the “roof of the world”
  • “Dr. Kay” is back with advice for wayward dogs (or owners!)


. . . and much more!

I hope this Mother’s Day finds all of you well and happy.

Be sure to check Vivacini’s Facebook Page for updates and news.

Wishing you happiness and love,