EXCERPT from Touching the Sky by Helene Kobelnyk with photography by Pramodh M. Acharya in Vivacini  24  June  2013

Few of us will ever stand at the foot of the Himalayas, or experience the thrill of reaching the summit of Mount Everest, despite the booming expedition business that sometimes creates literal “traffic jams” along the trail to the world’s highest peak.  But for Pramodh M. Acharya, the “roof of the world” is in his backyard, and his life changed in so many unexpected ways in February 2012.

“It was my wife Niki who got me my first DSLR and I had no clue what to do with it.  Was never a big fan of ‘Phone-Photography’… Seemed somewhat incomplete.”  He quickly learned and his growth is documented on the Nikonites Forum, where I first met Pramodh. “Photography has been the biggest life changing factor in my life so far and it has made me look at everything with a totally different view point. You tend to appreciate the finest details, you see the greatness of nature with every look.  The joy I get from photography is inexplicable; it’s as if this was what I was meant to do. This has probably made me accept all the things that are wrong with the world today and at the same time realize the beauty & potential that still exists.”

In November 2012, he and his wife decided to take their first holiday together, an opportunity they had not had in the two years of their young marriage.


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