EXCERPT from For Whom the Bell Tolls  by Helene Kobelnyk  in Vivacini  24  June  2013

The winds of change have been gusting through the world of professional photography ever since digital made its debut, and this world is about to be turned upside down.  For some genres of photography it has come sooner than later.

The younger generation of emerging professional photographers is facing an uncertain future, a world where everyone has a camera,  everyone wants to be famous or recognized for something, and where the general public seems to have no concept of what makes a photograph  good, let alone great.

Yahoo’s CEO recently ignited a firestorm with a comment that included, “. . . , with cameras as pervasive as they are, there’s no such thing, really, as professional photographers. And then there’s everything that is professional photographers . . .”

The Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photography staff, and plans to use freelance photographers and reporters to shoot photos and videos.  Add to that the myriad of “amateur photojournalists” who bombard the media with their mediocre photos for the opportunity to be “published” or recognized, quickly giving away their copyright for the hope of becoming famous, or at least noticed.


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