It’s a Sad Day  by Peter Brickey  in Vivacini  24  June  2013

I have a lady coming by this afternoon to buy my Nikon camera equipment. I am downgrading to a smaller, lighter camera that doesn’t require lugging around a lot of stuff in my gadget bag.

I could see the writing on the wall last year when I got the pacemaker. My heart just was not into being the sole supplier of blood, so the pacemaker was added to support the job of keeping me alive.

Now that my heart has something to take up the slack, it seems the dang thing is taking more and more time off! It started out with the pacemaker helping 20% of the time on the top half and 80% of the time on the bottom half.

Now its 40% of the time on the top and ALL of the time on the bottom! If you give somebody a chair, they WILL be sitting in it before long. Apparently, my ticker ain’t no different.

Back in the old days the people that played golf were all pretty rich. You see, they would fill up their golf bags with just about every new club, golf ball, special made tees and all that other wonderful stuff that will take tons of strokes off’n your game if you could just hit the damn ball straighter!

So these rich fellers would hire young kids to lug these fully loaded bags around to each tee and green because they were stationed too high in life to be a common laborer.

The USGA, when they noticed that a lot of young’uns were getting severe back and shoulder problems decided that the child labor laws had to apply to golf. To make matters a little easier on the caddies, they also enacted rules on just what you could have in your bag. Mainly so’s that it would not be so damn heavy on them little young’uns!

Along about now you’re probably wondering just what the heck this has to do with me selling my camera stuff. And you would be right to kinda poke me in the butt to get me back on track.

Well, I never did get off track! You see, photographers are just like them golfers. Not the rich part, but the part that says that just about every new thing that comes out will make our photography just a little bit better!

And that’s all we ask for. We want our passion to be just a little bit better. Because we want to share our memories of beautiful places or exciting events.

If’n you think about it, photography is nothing more than sharing our memories. And because we are sharing our memories, we want to present them in the best light possible.

So our darkroom is now software instead of chemicals, but the idea is the same. Ansel Adams, arguably one of the best photographers in history said that you do not take a photograph, you MAKE a photograph.

Some of the very early cameras were completely portable, provided that you hitched up a couple of horses to them. That’s right. The camera itself was a built onto a wagon and the darkroom was INSIDE the camera body! So Edward Land really wasn’t the first person to come up with in the camera developing! Matthew Brady was doing that during the Civil War!

The point is that EVERY camera bag gets heavier with time. We see a lens that will reach out to 400 or more millimeters. Now we can get a sharp shot of the grizzly bear without running the very real risk of becoming bear poop.

Of course you will always need to get extra batteries because electronic stuff needs battery juice to run. Which means that you needs to get an extra charger to keep them batteries all charged up since there ain’t no sense in carrying dead batteries.

What’s the point of having an extra battery without having a battery grip? With the grip, it’s a lot easier to take a portrait shot of that grizzly bear.

And you STILL ain’t got et up!

Well, I ain’t got et up either. But my shoulder joints sing like them fat opera ladies every time I hoist my bag up. My neck bones have a permanent strap mark from hanging a camera around it for so many years.

EVERY family get together was spent without being in the picture because I was the one taking the pictures. And there is always the asshole that knows just what you need to do to get the perfect shot because they are a professional photographer that never seems to be able to produce a camera!

I have been on vacation many times in the past, but I can’t remember truly relaxing and enjoying myself because I was always on the lookout for an interesting shot.

Yep. A lady is coming by this afternoon to buy my Nikon camera equipment. I WILL miss my D90, but I will NOT mourn it’s passing. I will just keep my memories to myself.

Y’all have a good day!





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