EXCERPT from Ode to a Commode  by Helene Kobelnyk  in Vivacini  24  June  2013

I consider myself pretty brave most of the time, but there are two things  that rattle me.  The first is someone peaking into my window at night . . . I have no idea where this comes from.  The second is a water leak in the house, mostly because the solution is never a simple one.  It’s almost a domino effect . . . this is leaking because this connector is rusted and the lip needs to be replaced because the specs on this type of tank have changed so  “we’ll just have to replace the whole tank.”  There is no such thing as patching a pipe, like you can a garden hose.

So, when I noticed a wet area in the bathroom, I initially blamed the dogs.  “Who did this?” and they would all leave the room.  However, even after I kept the door closed, the wet spot still showed up.  After apologizing to the dogs and investigating a little further, I discovered that the leak was coming from the toilet tank.  When I took the lid off and flushed the toilet, I noticed that water was spraying upward like a fountain instead of quietly downward, as I assumed it should.  The float was successful in stopping the water when the tank was full, but the spray of water was forceful enough to drip down the side of the tank.  It seemed a little complicated to dismantle the assembly inside the tank.  Maybe I should just get a new toilet.


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