We all remember the riddle: which falls more quickly to the ground, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead.  A pound is a pound, or a gram is a gram.  So both fall equally fast –it’s a simple mathematical equation that proves this.  However, change it to a cup of feathers or a cup of lead, then the answer is obviously the cup of lead.

Most American recipes are in terms of cups of sugar, of flour, etc.  But a cup of rye flour has a different weight than a cup of white flour and simple substitutions can create recipe fails big time.  That’s why I’ve invested in a scale when I use recipes that are in grams, and I strongly recommend that you invest in one especially if you have plans to tackle fine baking such as soufflés or napoleons.   You’ll find it’ll be your best friend.

This is the one I use and highly recommend.