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Vivacini  is an intelligent online magazine with download and print-on-demand options. The New Mexico based optimistic  lifestyle magazine  focuses on a lifestyle that promotes Intelligent Optimism whether in New Mexico, nationally or internationally.

My life philosophy is that this world of ours is quite extraordinary. Being “intelligently optimistic” means acknowledging the existence of daily miracles and the potential for the extraordinary . . . we can all rise to a “higher self” without resorting to the useless extremes of blind faith or senseless dissection. Happiness and love are states of being, not just episodic experiences, and this is the flavor and vision I want for Vivacini. (by Helene Kobelnyk , from Escape to the Extraordinary in Vivacini 04 Feb 2013)

The lifestyle magazine is published by avid photographer, writer/blogger and educator, Helene Kobelnyk of OHK Photography and now enjoys an international following. The creativity of VIVAcini is promoted to these world wide followers via Facebook, Twitter, Google +.  The online magazine is also listed in the Issuu.com marketplace and one of the web’s largest and most popular online news and magazine directories.

For additional information about VIVAcini, use the form below to contact Helene:

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