We accept your designs as high resolution JPEGS optimized for the web to  dimensions appropriate to the options you select.  The  size of the publication is standard letter form (8.5 X 11 inches for the online “flipping book” version and print-on-demand option).  Vivacini is also formatted for the dimensions of an iPAD —  1024 pixels by 768  pixels, so please  adjust your ad as needed or contact us to help you.

The prices below are per month.


 `  online publication


iPAD App***

1/8 page  $35



¼ page  $65



½ page  $125



Full page**  $225



Sidebar banner *  NA



Horizontal  banner*  NA



Live Link Listing(website blogroll)




*visible on all posts and pages of the website.

** Prime placement (pages 2 or 3) in the online publication: $500 per month

***Additional interactive features are available for iPAD APP advertisers such as slide shows, maps, 360 degree views, etc.  Use the contact form below to request more info and pricing.


Other advertising information:

  1.  Graphic Design rate:  $75  If we find that your ad is unusable as submitted, we will contact you.  This charge may apply if there is significant time involved in reworking your ad.
  2. All ads feature live hyperlinks (i.e viewers will click on your ad and a new window opens to your website) Per issue allotment is one live link.    Full page advertisers  who purchase  both  online publication AND  iPAD APP options receive up to 3 different live links in their ads,  so customers can be directed to different pages of your website for specials.
  3. Live Links will be listed in the online publication and on the publication’s website: VIVAcini.com.  Please send your title or tagline and the URL.  e.g.  your listing can appear as   The best salsa west of the Mississippi! and the URL will be hidden/linked to your website so that clicking on that phrase will open a new window to your site.
  4. Advertisers/businesses who include coupons or offers EXCLUSIVE to Vivacini, receive a 25% credit toward their next month’s advertising cost.
The online publication, VIVAcini, goes live on the web the first Monday of each month.  We need to have your ad and pertinent info at least 2 weeks prior to publishing date . . . the sooner the better!  If you need help designing your ad, please contact us –we are more than happy to work with you.
If you would like more information about how advertising in Vivacini can benefit you or your business, follow this link:  Why Advertise in Vivacini?
If you are ready to order or renew your ad, follow this link which will take you to the product page:  Product and Product Details
Ordering/purchasing is pretty straightforward.  We recommend using the site’s purchasing system.  Ad placement is on a “first pay” basis.  Before or immediately after payment, send an email to ohk@valornet.com with your first and second choice placement, link identification, and attach a jpeg of your ad.

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If you need help or have questions about any part of the ordering/purchasing process, please use the contact information here to get a quick response.