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Sweet Breath of Freedom

It’s just that back in HIStory someone decided that “boys rule” because “God was a boy” and everybody had to do what they said— they’ve had a corner on the rule-making market ever since! Just like in grade school, when the biggest, sneakiest, meanest and . . .

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Marching To A Different Rythm

At last came the elephants, magnificent, elephantine elephants, decked out in white satin headgear covered with gold and jewels; their tusks all polished and shiny white, dwarfing the crowds surrounding them. On each of their backs rode three young men . . .

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Once Upon A Time . . .

Once upon a time there was a great king who was very concerned —his kingdom was fraught with controversy, divisiveness and arguments that sometimes led to violence. Problems were exacerbated by his subordinate lords and ministers,. . .
each claiming wisdom and righteousness over the

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Finally . . . the whole story!!

Th e Twilight Series is a teenage coming of age
story by Stephanie Meyer with so many bizarre
elements that it defi es easy categorization. Basically,
there are four books, centered on Bella, an 18 – soon
to be 19 year-old high school senior, who falls
des-perately in love with Edward, a 100+ year-old
vampire in a perfect, 17 year-old body.

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No Way Out But DOWN!!!

It was a heady ride to the top, skiers schussing under my
feet—the trees becoming increasingly surreal until at the
top they were positively phantasmagorical snow creatures,
streamlined uphill by the fierce prevailing winds.

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