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“They’re” Looking at You, Too!

Each day, as I watch our beautiful sunsets, or hike on Ruidoso’s Moon Mountain or at other times hike near the shores of little Alto Lake I am greeted by an endless universe of what I aff ectionately call “my new friends” . . . . . . . . .

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The Zenith of Jake

Jake’s musical composition for The Tempest is written to reflect life’s tempests as well as joy and aspiration. Jake uses music as an outlet—a way to unwind and reveal his emotions—fairly heady stuff for one so young to apply . . .

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Turtle Babies

    My husband toured the coast guard station and several hurricane holes. He returned with fuel, which the coast guard deemed necessary. With their generous donation of fuel we could at least safely get to another...

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One Degree

  Our stay in paradise, Blanquilla,Venezuela was mostly spent on our 36 ft. sailboat in the middle of a carved out cove, held in place for a while by four lines, watching eight foot high waves crash onto the shore of rocky...

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Square Meter Garden

  Once upon a time, in a place called Golden, there was a school room in a temporary building, nestled against the foothills of a large mountain range. The little building had windows that filtered in natural light, a...

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