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A Sad Day?

Back in the old days the people that played golf were all pretty rich. You see, they would fill up their golf bags with just about every new club, golf ball,. . .

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A Big City “Plucking”

Things don’t get big by BEING big, they get big by being talked about like they WAS big! You take that Angelina Jolie woman. She has the same number of parts in the same spots as just about every other woman on the planet. I’ll admit that she cleans up real good, but . . .

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The Uncommon Commodity

WE had a ferocious thunderstorm last night.  We’re talking lots of rain, lightning  and booming thunder.  One cat, Tabby, lay by the sliding glass door and enjoyed the show. T iger, my other cat, took the path of least...

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What is ART?

  Did you notice that I used all caps for the title subject? There was a reason for that. I have been wondering about ART. Not just any art, but MY ART. I began wondering just what differentiated ART from art, so I looked...

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Eulogy for a Name

  . . . From that point on, anyone that has brought dishonor to their family name is known as having turned their “name to Mudd.” I am bringing this up because of what has happened at Penn State. Sadly, it seems that Coach...

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