Category: 14 Sep 2012

Revenge or Survival

In the end, four Indians—Geronimo and three other warriors stood alone in the center of the field of battle. Their arrows were all gone, their spears broken off in the bodies of their enemies.

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Saving Money and Killing Dreams

It would be a crime to deny a child of the one class that might make a difference in their lives, who is to say what it will inspire? No one has the right to put a price tag on the education of the nation’s future leaders, our children. Physical education,
art, music, and drama are all essential to a
well-rounded education.

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Once Upon A Time . . .

Once upon a time there was a great king who was very concerned —his kingdom was fraught with controversy, divisiveness and arguments that sometimes led to violence. Problems were exacerbated by his subordinate lords and ministers,. . .
each claiming wisdom and righteousness over the

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A Glimpse of Who We Are

“It’s just a nanosecond really less than 1/200th of a second that captures each look and each emotion. It is an exploration of how I see the people that pass us by all day, every day. It is a statement of my creative energy and the unique way” from BACKSTORY by Rick Wilson
I see people and the world.

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