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When we take the side road, or wait until a flash flood recedes so that we can cross, we haven’t forgotten the road we’re on. We’re just biding our time until we can get a better grip on the situation.

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To Treat or Not To Treat

Scientific research has shown us repeatedly that the most effective training is based on positive reinforcement —a desired behavior should be rewarded with something the dog sees as a reward. For most dogs, that means a special treat. For other dogs

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Marching To A Different Rythm

At last came the elephants, magnificent, elephantine elephants, decked out in white satin headgear covered with gold and jewels; their tusks all polished and shiny white, dwarfing the crowds surrounding them. On each of their backs rode three young men . . .

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A Shifting Breeze

When the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004, there were countless stories of wildlife leaving the area for safer ground long before humans were aware of what loomed on the horizon. One of the more amusing stories involved
a group of Japanese tourists who were riding elephants.

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Out of the “Blues”

The hardest thing about depression is that no one validates the sufferer’s feelings that something beyond their control is taking over their life. Pleading with her to “snap out of it” or to “pull it together” or getting angry can make her feelings of hopelessness worse—causing her

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A Big City “Plucking”

Things don’t get big by BEING big, they get big by being talked about like they WAS big! You take that Angelina Jolie woman. She has the same number of parts in the same spots as just about every other woman on the planet. I’ll admit that she cleans up real good, but . . .

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